Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt and Obac

The rocky and rugged landscape of the natural park is product of the persistent erosion of the rock in which it is settled. The origin lies in the deposition of gravel and other materials transported by river currents during the Tertiary period about 50 million years ago in an ancient delta.
Subsequently, these pebbles were cemented by a calcareous or clayey matrix and gave place conglomerate. The erosive action of water on this type of rock has resulted in the unique importance of the park, with such characteristic features such as cliffs, carcasses, landings and monoliths. At ground level, water has shaped an impressive array of cavities, to emerge outside, leading to the known sinkholes, caves, holes and springs.

“Les Tines”

Mostly located between the villages of Rocafort and El Pont de Vilomara, these rural heritage are located in La vall del Flequer. The Tines are giant stone containers, located along the stream of El Flequer and are arranged in small groups where local farmers poured grapes to press them later on and then deposit it in vats located at a lower level for fermentation to make wine. These structures are unique in Catalonia and will surprise you by its architecture and conservation status.



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