Gastronomic activities

Our gastronomic activity is closely linked to the products that our environment gives us every season of the year. If the weather does permit it, we have fresh mushrooms in our region throughout the entire year. These mushrooms are combined with both meat and fish, and also with rice. Enjoy them all year at our place!

The Summer time is season of the local vegetables The late Autumn is season of mushroom The winter time is season of Ral Pork The Spring time is season of Cod


Festival of the chickpea beating (1st Sunday of September)

The festival is celebrated by beating tiny Mura’s chickpeas to remember some jobs related to farming that have been lost over the years, but they are very representative of the local traditions. In the case of Mura more significantly still, since his Tiny Chickpea (which is small, skinless and easy cooking) is especially appreciated in the gastronomy of our country, and in recent years has gone recovering its cultivation. In addition to the demonstration of the tasks of beating the chickpea, there is a tasting of it.


Gastronomic associations which are attached: